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Morocco is a country delighting with its oriental atmosphere, unusual traditions, and colorful cities like from a thousand and one nights. Thanks to the mild climate and approximately 300 sunny days, you can go on holiday to Morocco practically all year round.  

Magnificent mountain peaks, sunny beaches, stunning architecture and the hot sands of the Sahara - all this awaits you in Al-Mamlakah al-Maghribiyyah. This mysterious name hides a picturesque country in north-west Africa, the country of the Maghreb - "the land of the setting sun". This extremely colorful corner is associated with the dish couscous, belief in the "evil eye" and the tight labyrinths of the medina.

An Unforgettable TOUR in Morocco we will visit Sahara desert, mountain with rivers and waterfalls and old city Medina in Marrakech.  We will eat in beautiful Moroccan restaurants, enjoy at unforgettable show in the night clubs and at the end our stay relax in traditional hot Moroccan bathrooms.

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